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The ABA Journal on the Protection of Charitable Assets Act

Here’s a December 1, 2011 article in the ABA Journal on the Protection of Charitable Assets Act (POCAA) that I missed until just now.  It quotes Free Speech Coalition legal co-counsel (and world-class lawyer) Mark Weinberg and yours truly criticizing POCAA.

I think the premise of the piece, which first represents the side of the charity regulators and their proponents, is terribly flawed.  Charity regulators already have laws and registration requirements in place, and failed to show why those requirements weren’t sufficient to stop the Bobby Thompson situation (the U.S. Navy Veterans Association scam).

That wasn’t a scam caused by a lack of laws.  If anything, charity regulators spend too much time processing needless paperwork to actually do people any good.

Using Bobby Thompson as a poster child for POCAA is about as disingenuous as using Jerry Sandusky as a reason to have people who start charities for kids go on some pre-registry for sex offenders.

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