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Support the Free Speech Coalition, please

The Free Speech Coalition is the best, and on many issues usually the first and sometimes the only, organization fighting to protect advocacy rights of nonprofits.

The work FSC does ranges from providing alerts about dangers to First Amendment rights, to submitting world-class comments that often sway legislative and administrative decisions, to filing amicus briefs in important cases.

FSC has been very active in criticizing and opposing the Protection of Charitable Assets Act (POCAA), which is now working its way through the Uniform Law Commission where it may be adopted as model state legislation. Even if POCAA is not defeated, the work by FSC has made it a less dangerous piece of model legislation.

FSC operates on a shoestring budget, and is conducting an annual drive to raise money. Please, find $1,000 if you can or $500 — something — and send it to FSC. It’s easily one of the best investments your organization can make in protecting your freedom.

Here’s the address and phone number:

Free Speech Coalition, Inc.
370 Maple Avenue, W., Ste. 4
Vienna, Virginia 22180-5615
Phone: (703) 356-6912

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