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Petition Signer Privacy Case Back in Court, and How Charity Regulators Endanger Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Crimes

Jim Bopp, an extraordinary lawyer representing a citizen coalition led by Protect Marriage Washington, is back in court in an important case, Doe # 1 v. Reed.  The issue is whether Washington Secretary Reed may disclose the names and addresses of signers on a petition to add a referendum measure to the state ballot.

You can read his press release here.

Last year, I wrote an op/ed for The National Law Journal about the case after it was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court and sent back to the U.S. District Court with further instructions on how to proceed.  My article, entitled “Government Privacy Invasions,” also addresses other privacy issues including potentially dangerous violations of privacy rights by state charity regulators.  State collection and disclosure of private information may actually help stalkers, and exposes victims of sexual crimes and domestic violence.

The attitude of the charity regulators informed about such dangers?  “So sue us.”

Nice people, eh?


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