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NASCO Head Already ‘Slandering’ Critics of POCAA (and Maybe It’s Time to Audit NASCO)

As reported previously, state charity regulators are pushing a poorly written law called the Protection of Charitable Assets Act (POCAA).  POCAA would add another registration requirement for nonprofits, and would include religious organizations in its purview.  It is a danger to property, First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights on its face.

The president of the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO), Bob Carlson, an assistant attorney general in the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, is already busy ‘slandering’ critics of POCAA.  As quoted in The NonProfit Times article about POCAA (referenced in the blog post), Carlson said, “The point of the act is to confirm the AG’s role to protect assets. Some people who wish to avoid the AG’s ability to protect assets, who are up to no good or just don’t agree are using registration as a scapegoat to avoid the authority of the AG.”

So, as Mr. Carlson sees it, critics of POCAA “are up to no good” because they are outspoken about protecting constitutional rights, and because they see POCAA as redundant and a waste of taxpayer and charity (indirectly, donor) money.

This is so typical of many NASCO officials who bash and try to intimidate their critics.  NASCO itself has refused to disclose the costs of its operations or the minutes of its meetings – and NASCO consists of public officials, not private entities.  Where’s the transparency?

Maybe it’s time to audit NASCO.

And, maybe Mr. Carlson can actually point to some facts.  On what basis do you make the statement that POCAA critics “are up to no good?”

POCAA was being drafted in a virtually critic-free process where state regulators were involved heavily.  This is their baby.  Once news about POCAA broke, and people who would be regulated acted, critics started pointing out serious flaws in the Act.  The only critics of POCAA I’m aware of are up to good.


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