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Charity Regulator Watch Mission

Nonprofits mostly don’t want to talk about it.

I estimate charitable solicitation laws divert more than $500 million in donor money each year from its intended purposes – helping nonprofits help their causes – into compliance with charitable solicitation laws.

The thing is, state officials and bureaucrats called charity regulators could better protect the public for far less.

Charity regulators are a rip off to both taxpayers and the nonprofits they regulate.

Politicians, by the way, use charitable solicitation laws to limit competition for donor money and suppress criticism.

Charity regulators are also the biggest violators of the laws governing charities – mostly because they are not accountable.  They need a spotlight shined on them.

Too often, nonprofits and the agencies that are regulated by charity regulators either don’t want, or are afraid, to rock the boat when their rights are being violated – or they may not even know that their rights are being violated.

Charity Regulator Watch seeks to expose law-breaking regulators, and provide some guidance about what to do in response to them.

We’ll also expose the politicians who are part of the problem.

THIS SITE IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  It’s information, and occasionally will be activism.

Like you, I’m fed up with how too many charity regulators act like bullies.  There are some good regulators, but too few.  Some regulators need to be fired; some need to be sued.  All of them need to be exposed when they violate laws or misuse their power.

Besides keeping an eye on charity regulators, I’ll provide some information about fundraising laws, including political fundraising, to show how hypocritical the politicians can be when they write laws making your nonprofit fundraising more difficult than their own fundraising.