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Charity Regulators Violate Federal Social Security Number Law

State charitable solicitation registration forms that demand an individual’s Social Security Number (SSN) violate federal law.

I’ll do a more detailed post at some other time, but I was reminded of this when I filled out our Rhode Island form. RI added an additional form this year with this violation of federal law.

Federal law authorizes states to collect an individual’s SSN only in express and very limited circumstances. Charitable solicitation licenses are not one of those circumstances. States must otherwise inform registrants that providing an SSN is purely optional.

I’ve alerted states that demand SSNs, and to my knowledge, all of them remain in violation of the law.

You may want to consider filing a disclaimer of objection every time you file your registration forms. That helps preserve your rights even though you might comply with requirements that violate the law. I’ll write more about that as well.

Stay tuned.

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