Singlepoint Pilot Registration Program Is Good News

In September the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO) announced a pilot program in eight states that will ease some of the burden of the current multi-state registration system.

The program is called Singlepoint Website. It is “a unified electronic registration system that will allow nonprofit organizations and their professional fundraisers to comply with […]

Show Us Your ‘Estate’ Papers

(An excerpt from the paper, A Radical and Unlawful Power Grab over Private Charity and Religion)

Most of the published comments about POCAA so far have centered on Section 4, which creates yet another registration requirement for charities. The new, additional requirement to register under POCAA applies when charitable assets exceed $50,000. The Act also […]

POCAA: A special interest power grab for charity regulators

From my piece today at The Examiner, “A power-grab against charity and religion”:

“The model Protection of Charitable Assets Act — which is being promoted by the National Association of State Charity Officials — represents a state power grab of poorly defined discretion over the property rights of private charities, churches, and even the estates […]

A Radical and Unlawful Power Grab over Private Charity and Religion

A Radical and Unlawful Power Grab over Private Charity and Religion

The Model Protection of Charitable Assets Act Oversight and Investigations

Mark J. Fitzgibbons¹


I. There Are Far Too Many Troubling General Provisions in the Act for It to Be Adopted by Any State

II. Show Us […]

More private, less government

Writing at The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Pablo Eisenberg laments the loss of full-time newspaper writers covering nonprofits.

I share his concern. But as with most of what Mr. Eisenberg writes, I find fault in his premises.

I’d rather see more thoughtful private critics of nonprofits and less poorly targeted and burdensome government regulation. Mr. Eisenberg […]

The ABA Journal on the Protection of Charitable Assets Act

Here’s a December 1, 2011 article in the ABA Journal on the Protection of Charitable Assets Act (POCAA) that I missed until just now. It quotes Free Speech Coalition legal co-counsel (and world-class lawyer) Mark Weinberg and yours truly criticizing POCAA.

I think the premise of the piece, which first represents the side of the […]

Bullying statists are ruining private philanthropy

That’s the title of my piece up at American Thinker. Here’s a clip:

“One of the ways charity regulators violate laws, private property rights, and the Constitution is through their investigations of charities and other nonprofit organizations. Using investigations, charity regulators are able to intimidate charities and silence critics of government. In the 1950s and […]

Charity regulators who solicit crimes and misdemeanors

As readers know, charity regulators are the biggest violators of laws governing charitable solicitation.

What happens when charity regulators ask or demand charities or others to violate the law? That is also known as solicitation, and the offense of solicitation is a serious one.

Here’s a real life example of how charity regulators might be […]

What irresponsible law would exempt government charity from reporting and compliance?

Another politician, another charity scam.

As reported in The Washington Post: “Harry Thomas Jr. resigned Thursday night, hours after he became the first sitting D.C. Council member to be charged with a felony, when federal prosecutors accused him of embezzling more than $350,000 in government funds and filing false tax returns.”

With all the charity […]

You can do more harm than good being nice responding to charity regulator requests and investigations

As a rule, it’s safe to say the overwhelming majority of people in the charitable sector have good intentions, right?

What about charity regulators? Well, even if we presume their good intentions (and I’ll defer to your judgment for today’s purposes), too many of them act as if the rule of law doesn’t fully apply […]