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I’m a lawyer and a businessman who’s been dealing with charity regulators since 1993.

Unlike other blogs reporting on nonprofit legal developments, this site won’t just passively report on charity regulators, fundraising laws, nonprofit organizations and the agencies and vendors that provide services to nonprofits.

We’ll provide readers with information to help fight back when charity regulators (and politicians) violate the law, overreach, or misuse their offices and power.

I’ve said this many times:  charity regulators are the biggest violators of the laws that govern charitable solicitation.  Also, charity regulators do a terrible job protecting the public against the real miscreants.

Philanthropy is important.  So are the Constitution and civil liberties.  Charity regulators on the whole don’t seem to care much about these.  We’ll shine a spotlight on the regulators and politicians who work against the best interests of nonprofits and the general public.

We welcome your input, leads and examples of charity regulator abuses.