Illinois is committing charity fraud according to . . . Illinois

The Nonprofit Quarterly reports that the State of Illinois has “borrowed” nearly $1.2 million in funds donated to charities through the state’s tax return check-off system. That was money designated by taxpayers to go to charities, and I am anxious to see whether the check-off option the state gives to taxpayers comes with a disclosure […]

Charity Regulators Violate Federal Social Security Number Law

State charitable solicitation registration forms that demand an individual’s Social Security Number (SSN) violate federal law.

I’ll do a more detailed post at some other time, but I was reminded of this when I filled out our Rhode Island form. RI added an additional form this year with this violation of federal law.

Federal law […]

Most Often, “Reform” Means More Burdens and Bad Regulation

From The NonProfit Times, IRS Seeks Public Comment On New Form 990

From The Chronicle of Philanthropy, N.Y. Charity Leaders Asked for Help on State Regulations

Charity regulators are fiefdoms. They will do more harm than good in any attempted reforms.

Support the Free Speech Coalition, please

The Free Speech Coalition is the best, and on many issues usually the first and sometimes the only, organization fighting to protect advocacy rights of nonprofits.

The work FSC does ranges from providing alerts about dangers to First Amendment rights, to submitting world-class comments that often sway legislative and administrative decisions, to filing amicus briefs […]

An example of how states eschew the law and common sense

June 30 is the deadline to file fundraising counsel renewals in Rhode Island. RI added a curious if not unlawful filing requirement about two years back. Registrants must file documents on CD-Rom. Paper filings are rejected.

The RI Department of Business Regulation handles charitable solicitation licenses. It also regulates and issues liquor licenses (anyone understanding […]

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who has sent me kind words and has tweeted about the launch of Charity Regulator Watch. I’m grateful and humbled.

Two great thinkers, writers and editors who understand freedom and the threats of bad government, Thomas Lifson of American Thinker and Mark Tapscott of The Washington Examiner (with his must-read segment, Beltway […]

NASCO Head Already ‘Slandering’ Critics of POCAA (and Maybe It’s Time to Audit NASCO)

As reported previously, state charity regulators are pushing a poorly written law called the Protection of Charitable Assets Act (POCAA). POCAA would add another registration requirement for nonprofits, and would include religious organizations in its purview. It is a danger to property, First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights on its face.

The president of the […]

More Bad News on the Horizon: The Protection of Charitable Assets Act

Posted June 22, 2011

A model state law from the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) affecting nonprofits AND religious organizations is up for consideration at the ULC’s annual meeting in Vail, Colorado, July 7 – 13.

The Protection of Charitable Assets Act (POCAA) would create yet another registration requirement for nonprofits. It’s more paperwork going into […]

Michigan Attorney General Wants to Know What Doctors and Clergy You May Have Paid

Posted May 22

I just completed my company’s annual state registration for Michigan. This year’s form is revised slightly from last year’s. Item 9 is new, and reads as follows:

Has the applicant or any of its officers, directors, managers, employees, or persons with an ownership interest made one or more payments to […]